New Look, Same Mission

Nov 29, 2023

Welcome to the new website for Donation Pickup. Since 1988, we offer convenient pickup of old, unused items that clutter closets and attics. However, our service to the OKC metro goes beyond picking up donated items. We take special care to ensure that every donated item is put to good use by being sold at local thrift stores. Our pledge of eco-friendliness is taken seriously, as we partner with organizations that keep items out of landfills. By sharing our proceeds with several local non-profits, including Vizavance and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled, we are helping to create a better community for everyone across OKC.

We recently partnered with myheartcreative for a fresh website design that embodies our dedication to serving our local communities. You can easily create an account to schedule a free pickup. If you are unsure what you can donate, our site provides a dedicated page that lists what items are acceptable. Likewise, the FAQs page reviews any questions you may have about donating with us. If you would like to schedule a free pickup with Donation Pickup, create an account or login to get started.