Charity Furniture Pick Up Services

Old furniture that is in good condition can still have a lot of potential. What may no longer be your style or ideal for your space can be the perfect addition to another person’s home. Instead of letting old furniture remain unused and collecting dust in your attic, garage, or storage unit, consider utilizing our charity furniture pick up services to take it off your hands.

You can give your unneeded furniture a chance at new life by scheduling a free furniture donation pick up with! After you choose a pick up date online, our team can come to your home to pick up your old furniture. On the day of your pick up, just label your donations, then set them on your porch, driveway, or by your garage. We will load the items into our truck, provide a donation receipt, and deliver everything to a local thrift store for you.

To schedule your free furniture pick up, log in or create your account.

What Can We Take for Your Furniture Donation Pick Up?

From dressers and coffee tables to chairs and couches, we would love to take your unused furniture off your hands. Furniture should be in good condition and able to be used. If the items are in need of repair or damaged beyond repair, they cannot be collected.

Before scheduling your free charity furniture pick up, please review our list of acceptable Items. If you have any questions about potential furniture donations, please contact us.

You Can Help Others with our Charity Furniture Pick Ups

When you schedule a furniture donation pick up with, you directly help the Oklahoma City community in three main ways:

People Can Access Quality Goods at Affordable Prices

Even when only looking for sales and shopping at discount stores, new furniture can be very expensive – especially if you want items that will last. Because of this, it can be difficult for some people in the OKC Metro community to furnish their homes with good, long-lasting furniture.

If you have any furniture that is currently unused, let us deliver it to a local thrift store for you! There, these well-made goods are available at affordable prices, helping families and individuals in our community fill their homes with high-quality furniture.

All Proceeds Are Shared with Amazing Local Charities

After we pick up your furniture and any other donations, we sell them in bulk to a local thrift store. The proceeds from these sales are shared with two local charities that work hard to make a difference in the lives of others. Through your generous donations, we help Vizavance and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled (OKFD) keep doing what they do best.

In addition to providing monetary support, our ongoing partnership with the OKFD gives us the opportunity to provide work experiences and build relationships with the people served by this organization.

We Provide Local Employment Opportunities

The proceeds for donations allow us to provide stable employment and above-average pay to individuals within the community. We are proud to provide a positive work environment for all our employees, which is why many have been with us long-term.

We are thankful for the continued generosity that allows us to make a difference.

Schedule a Pickup for Your Unneeded Furniture

If you have unneeded furniture in good condition, consider scheduling a free pickup with There is no need to worry about loading your gently-used chairs, couches, rugs, and other household items into your car to bring them to a thrift store.

Once you schedule your pickup, set your furniture on your porch, and attach a label, our team will load it into our truck, provide a receipt, and haul it away to a local thrift store. Our truck comes anytime between 9:00 am and dark, and you do not have to be home for our team to take your items.

Donating your unneeded furniture has never been easier. Create an account or log back in to schedule a free pickup today.