Ready to Donate Clothes Near Me?

If your or your family’s unneeded clothing items are taking up too much space in your home, looking for a place to “donate clothes near me” can help. By giving your gently-used or unused clothing away, you can effectively declutter your closet and open up some much-needed space!

Of course, choosing a place to make a donation is only step one of the process. For many, finding the time to load the items and travel to a donation center or thrift store can be a big hurdle. This often leads to people keeping their donations in their cars for days, weeks, or even months. If you are in our service areas in the OKC Metro, can help with our free used clothing pick up near me!

Why Choose Us for Your Used Clothing Pick Up Near Me?

With our services, the benefits of donating your old or unused clothing will go far beyond your home. You can also help support our local community!

You help others discover new bargains.

Whether you need a different size or your personal style has changed, almost everyone’s clothing needs shift over time. If something no longer works for you, it could still be the perfect addition to someone else’s wardrobe! By scheduling a used clothing pick up near me, you give others the opportunity to find quality, gently-used clothing at affordable prices.

You make a difference in our community. has been giving back to our community since 1988. After we pick up your unneeded clothing, we sell all donations in bulk to a local thrift store. Our proceeds are shared with our amazing partner charities – Vizavance and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled. This steady stream of revenue helps both groups continue to make an impact.

You can donate without the hassle.

When you use our free donation pickup services, you are able to donate your unneeded clothing and other items without the hassle. You no longer need to haul the items yourself, find time in your schedule to drop everything off at a thrift store, and spend time locating your old receipts. Our online system is hassle-free, so you can donate without interrupting your schedule.

You help us and our partners reduce waste.

As a team, we value being eco-friendly. After you donate your clothing through our pickup services, we will work hard to keep it far away from landfills. If any items are not in the right condition for resale, our partner organizations can make them into industrial rags. Your contributions, no matter how small, help make the world a greener place.

You can get helpful tax benefits. 

At, we provide free services for tax-deductible donations. After we pick up your old clothing and other unneeded items to deliver to a local thrift store, we will provide a donation receipt that you can keep for your records. Please note that the value estimation is the responsibility of the donator, per the Internal Revenue Code.

Need to Donate Clothes Near Me? We Can Help.

We make it as easy as possible to donate your clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. You no longer need to lift heavy boxes or bags into your car before driving to a thrift store; instead, our team can come to you after you easily schedule a used clothing pick up near me.

Our process is simple! To schedule your free donation pick up:

  • Choose your pick up date online.
  • Print out a donation label and place it on your items.
  • Leave your items outside on the scheduled date.

From there, we will load the items into our truck, leave behind your donation receipt, and then deliver your items to a local thrift store. Once everything has been sorted and prepared, your unneeded clothing will be available at affordable prices to people in our community!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.

An employee picking up a bag of clothes from people who donate clothes near me.
An female employee sorting through donations.