Donate and Make a Difference

You have many choices when it comes to giving away your unwanted items. So, what makes Donation Pickup different? 

Everything you give is put to good use.

Donated items are sold at thrift stores, where people in the local community can find what they need while staying within their budget. In addition to helping fellow Oklahomans live their best lives, we share proceeds with local nonprofits.

We are eco-friendly.

You do not have to worry about having a negative impact on the environment when you generously donate to us. We go the extra mile to keep materials out of landfills whenever possible. To accomplish this goal, we work with organizations that turn certain goods into industrial rags and ship them around the globe.

Our donors keep us open, enable us to give back, and allow us to provide above-average pay.

We are established and trusted.

We have been providing the citizens of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas with simple ways to donate since 1988—your donations fund local nonprofits, helping us serve our community.

We have long-term employees.

We employ Oklahomans as managers, truck drivers, and store personnel. DonationPickup has an extremely low turnover rate and many long-term employees thanks to our positive work environment.

We provide jobs to OKFD.

OKFD clients may pick up your items when you schedule with us. Our partnership with OKFD includes providing work, and we enjoy building relationships with these fantastic people.

Are you ready to make a donation?

See our acceptable items:

Making a difference has never been easier.

Schedule your free pickup.

Paring the donationpickup.org truck
items left outside for pickup